Experience the Clearshift Difference

  • Stop wasting money on currency conversion
    • Unfavorable buy/sell rates
    • Unclear fees
  • Only Clearshift offers 100% clarity
    • We commit to the upcoming official Bank of Israel or BFIX rate
    • No surprises–know your low, flat fee in advance

See for Yourself

Amount to convert $100,000
Official Bank of Israel exchange rate * 3.5380
Via the banks
  Bank exchange rate 3.5084
  Bank Gross ₪352,000
  Bank Extra Fees ₪950
Bank Net ₪351,050
With Clearshift™ ₪352,310
You Save ₪1,260

* example uses year-to-date averages.

Clearshift’s Vision

We empower our global customers to take control of their finances. The standard today is hidden fees. We challenge that status quo with transparency and favorable rates. Make a change and join the revolution.