#12. 4th Re-Birth-Day

4 years ago yesterday, on a business trip to NYC, I woke up and read this post. Michael Eisenberg, thank you! (You couldn’t know how your kindness encouraged me in a crisis.)

4 years ago today, I woke up with troubled breathing and chest pains, took two meetings, cancelled five, and jumped in a cab to Beth Israel Hospital [story here].

4 years ago tomorrow morning, I survived 7 hr quadruple bypass surgery,  rebooting body and spirit. My life was saved by my cardiac surgeon, Dr. Darryl M. Hoffman.

We none of us know what tomorrow morning brings but try to face each day in courage and hope. Blood flowing and feeling great, I am profoundly grateful this and every morning for health, friends, family — and especially Diane — who keep me going.

So slow down a second and savor your own delicious breathing!

Shanah tovah to you all from Jerusalem!

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